Just a little Personal Rant

between the heavy rains and trying to move, i can’t seem to find the time to take any photos .. my bad .. 

1/2 of my stuff is in one place the other half in another .. driving me crazy trying to remember which place the object of my obsession is located .. :( lucky for me i don’t have far to go in between places .. The George is getting lots of exercise running back and forth along side my electric ride  ..

i will rant more later .. haha

bangbang365 replied to your photoset “My New Place ..  i am moving out of my “metal tent” into a larger…”

nice place John, happy for you :)

nanve replied to your photoset “My New Place ..  i am moving out of my “metal tent” into a larger…”

beautiful colors, congrats :)

lani-pix said: so colourful! :)

thanks folks .. a lady friend of mine painted the place and her other half made the fixture changes and the floor .. we still have a little dry wall & minor electric to do yet .. i have moved a few boxes in .. i just love the way the color combinations came out .. the fat blinds let in the light with great shadows .. hopefully i will be totally moved in next month or so .. when i am done i will post the “almost” finished product .. it seems your never done playing :))

My New Place .. 

i am moving out of my “metal tent” into a larger “metal tent” .. remodeled, new fixtures, new paint, floors etc. .. a real kitchen (have to buy appliances yet), a walk’in shower!! and a bathroom with a door (didn’t have one before) LoL .. have to buy furniture, not much though .. gonna leave room for indoor photo shoots .. lots of natural light coming in through big windows .. when i was taking these photos i noticed i have no cupboards .. weird shit, no? .. the first thing i bought was a door for “George” to get in and out .. top priority you know!! .. :)